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Mira Lehr has been called the mistress of light byMinutes correspondent, Morley Safer, the spiritual heir to O Keeffe, in the London Times Literary Supplement and a painter not of this world by Oxford poet, Kelley Grovier As a young female artist in the s and s, Lehr was at the forefront of abstract expressionism and the New York School having studied with the Billmyers, Hans Hoffmann and Motherwell Lehr was born in Brooklyn and studied art, art history and philosophy at Vassar College She later became a force in the mobilisation of women artists in cities like Miami, where she co founded the Continuum Gallery Lehr was chosen as an original participant with Buckminster Fuller on the first World Game Scenario Project at the New York Studio School Mira Lehr, Arc of Nature presents Lehr s work and career as an artist continuing over five decades The artist s expression of nature through various media is explored by Eleanor Heartney, arts and cultural critic Heartney analyses Lehr s work, her background and the process involved in her artistry as well as her drive as a woman artist The book also features ainterview conducted by Irving Sandler, art historian, writer and critic at Lehr s home in Miami Beach and a Foreword by Thom Collins, Director of the Miami Art Museum Lehr s own writing and reflections throughout the book reveal her metaphysical nature Mira Lehr, Nature in Art, a beautiful large format art book features overimages of Lehr s art compelling paintings, sculpture and video in brilliant colourArt and Selected Writing by Mira Lehr Foreword by Thom Collins Essay by Eleanor Heartney with Interview by Irving Sandler Mira Lehr nature in art

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En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Mira Lehr nature in art , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Mira Lehr auteurs dans le monde.

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