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Lettering enthusiasts of all levels will love learning easy ways to develop and adapt hand lettering skills and techniques to a variety of digital platforms in Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy Popular Instagram lettering artist and workshop instructor Shelly Kim lettersbyshells offers lettering enthusiasts at all levels step by step instruction, along with ample photos and lettering examples Start with lettering essentials that show how to create different styles of brush lettering with the right tools, how to connect letters to form words, form flourishes, and Then turn that unique calligraphy into lettering that you can use over and over again, just by digitizing it Discover several options for creating digital lettering, each one clearly outlined and explained Become familiar with tools and techniques that make the process fast and enjoyable See how far you can take your digital lettering with fun projects for creating cards, name tags, adding foiling and In this book you ll learn how to Produce loose, bouncy lettering that adds style to any projectDesign meaningful quotes by learning a quick trick for great compositionsCreate digital files that give you numerous options for adding color and changing the shapes and sizes of lettersMake a custom digital lettering brush that you can use for unique calligraphyLetter on a tablet and learn the basics of Procreate and Apple PencilUse your lettering for great projects that incorporate digital and hands on techniquesGet inspiration from stunning gallery pieces by Karin Newport of ipadlettering and Myriam of halfapx Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy will guide you to the future of lettering Digital hand lettering and modern calligraphy

About the Author: Shelly Kim

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Digital hand lettering and modern calligraphy , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Shelly Kim auteurs dans le monde.

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    This book is a game changer for me I ve been looking to use hand lettering in my personal crafting projects, but couldn t quite get the hang of all the Procreate details This book is an easy to understand, step by step guide that s easy to follow.Friendly writing and simple guidelines have made this a new favourite

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    Beautiful book Met Shelly at a class in Dallas and bought this book the next day She has a great way of explaining each technique in a way that doesn t confuse a beginner, but also doesn t bore someone with experience in calligraphy Her positivity and loving approach to the art and to teaching comes through just as strong in this book as her classes Shelly is an inspirational person and her approach to calligraphy is easy to understand

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    I Recently received this awesome hand lettering book by Shelly and I love it There are two main parts to the book, a hand lettering calligraphy part that goes deep into the tips and techniques that Shelly always recommends to beginners, and a digitizing and iPad lettering part Both parts are well organized and easy to follow and offer a way for a beginner to enter into hand lettering.I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wa

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    It is about time these amazing artists shared some of their Procreate lettering tips and tricks in book form I love video tutorials, but I love being able to have a tangible product next to my iPad to flip through and refer to I am so happy to have discovered Shelly Kim s book and work two days before release My only regret is not following her sooner as this book highlights easy to follow tips and tricks with her beautiful work Well done

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    This book is full of so much helpful information on tools to get started with for calligraphy, how to digitize your lettering, ipad lettering and easy to follow projects The instructions are clear, concise and easy to understand I m not a techy person and even I could understand it The step by step photos make it easy to follow along, too A must have if you want to learn about calligraphy and digital hand lettering.

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    I own a plethora of hand lettering books This one will definitely be in my top 10 It is packed full of great information It is perfect for anyone starting out in hand lettering It is the only book I have seen so far that offers instructions for the Procreate drawing app for the iPad I highly recommend this book.

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    I am so glad I ordered this book I have been using Procreate on my iPad for a while for drawing but never quite grasped how to letter on my own I ordered this book as soon as I heard about it and have no regrets After doing the drills for maybe an hour, I became familiar and comfortable enough to start developing my own calligraphy style The step by steps are so helpful and Shelly Kim put a lot of effort into making sure that the directions are clear

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    This book is great whether you re a beginner or someone who s been lettering for a while I have learned a lot of helpful tips with this book and am so excited to apply it to new projects I ve bought quite a few hand lettering books but this one is my by far my favorite It s very user friendly and so easy to follow I also love that it has tips for lettering on paper as well as lettering on an iPad Thank you Shelley for an amazing guide

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    I have been waiting for this book to come out and now that I have it in hand, I am excited to see all the content that is inside this book It s provides a wealth of knowledge and information that will help me be productive with my creative journey as an aspiring lettering artist It covers a variety of different methods, tips and tricks that will prove to be useful for the current and future me I would highly recommend to anybody who would like to get into

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    I absolutely love this book The instruction inside is accessible for different skill levels and Shelly s encouragement is wonderful I love the use of cursive script too Great book for all skill levelsbeginners looking for hand lettering instruction, moderate levels looking to hone their skills and digitize, and even advanced letterers can learn from Shelly s superior lettering skills Brava

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    Love, love, love this book This is the book you need to get It has so many projects and how tos Shelly really pours her heart into this book and each project has in depth instructions and visual guides step by step She also provides multiple ways to perform different projects This book is a treasure You must purchase this

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    I love Shelly Kim s style I have followed her work a few years now and it s always so amazing to see all the beautiful projects she creates I was so excited when I saw she was releasing her book and now I m so excited I own a copy She explains everything so well This should definitely be a book to purchase of you are trying to learn Modern Calligraphy

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    Love the way book teaches you basic ways to use calligraphy Whether you re a beginner or a seasoned pro definitely worth to take a look at Shelly s book.

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    I did return this book because I felt the price point was high for information I already knew I am a advanced letterer so my fault than the author This would be a glorious purchase for a beginner, especially someone who just bought a iPad for lettering.

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    Such an incredible lettering book.It is so well put together Easy to follow along and the practice sheets are incredible Love it

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