Amphora Rogier Vanderweghe ceramics 1957-1975 : Edition en

Amphora Rogier Vanderweghe ceramics 1957-1975 : Edition en français, anglais, néerlandais A publication on the extraordinary vessels and glazes by the Belgian company Amphora With a reprint of an old Amphora sales catalogue Large scale photographs allow an in depth study of the hand thrown vessels Rogier Vandeweghe established himself as an independent potter in Sint Andries, near Bruges, after leaving the ceramic workshop Per Ignem, which he had founded with his brother Laurent inUnder the name Amphora, fromon, his quickly expanding workshop produced entirely hand thrown vessels His modern forms with glazes developed in house and experimental firing techniques rapidly earned the workshop an international reputation Participation in major contemporary exhibitions led to numerous awards and acquisitions by leading ceramic museums across Europe Inall production ceased, and the workshop faded into obscurity The present publication is a tribute to Rogier Vandeweghe and his wife, Myranna Pyck, for their unwavering commitment and their continuous quest for high quality modern beauty in their ceramics Text in English, French and DutchMarc Heiremans is a renowned expert on Murano glass and ceramics He is a member of the Royal Chamber of Antiquarians of Belgium and of the Belgium Chamber of Art Experts Heiremans is also author of various Arnoldsche publications on Murano Glass and the volume Art Ceramics Pioneers in Flanders

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