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John Dies at the End (John Dies at the End, #1) STOP You Should Not Have Touched This Flyer With Your Bare Hands NO, Don T Put It Down It S Too Late They Re Watching You My Name Is David Wong My Best Friend Is John Those Names Are Fake You Might Want To Change Yours You May Not Want To Know About The Things You Ll Read On These Pages, About The Sauce, About Korrok, About The Invasion, And The Future But It S Too Late You Touched The Book You Re In The Game You Re Under The Eye The Only Defense Is Knowledge You Need To Read This Book, To The End Even The Part With The Bratwurst Why You Just Have To Trust Me.The Important Thing Is This The Drug Is Called Soy Sauce And It Gives Users A Window Into Another Dimension John And I Never Had The Chance To Say No You Still Do I M Sorry To Have Involved You In This, I Really Am But As You Read About These Terrible Events And The Very Dark Epoch The World Is About To Enter As A Result, It Is Crucial You Keep One Thing In Mind None Of This Was My Fault.

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    I really loved this book I didn t know anything going into it, other than that it was weird, so that s all I ll give you.I think it s worth your time.

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    VERY HIP VERY BIZARRO VERY CREEPY AND VERY, VERY EVEN BRILLIANTLY FUNNYIN A CRUDE, JUVENILE WAYI read a lot I read everyday and go through a number of books every week Reading as much as I do, I get a real jolly on when I come across a book like this because it is so di

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    Put this book down and go read Wong s work at cracked.com, particularly his piece 6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying, a brilliant piece of humor, psychology and economics toJohn DiesYes, like the book blurb says, in some ways it resembles The Hitchhiker s Guide to the

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    this is possibly the worst published book i have ever read i m sad to admit it was my ex boyfriend s favorite book, so i read it to placate him it took me all of about five minutes to get sick of the author s trite internet meme style wannabe funny bullshit, which is sad because

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    This book is not for everyone but it is certainly for me.We all know that I have the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy I can t help it Just yesterday my manager was talking to my coworkers and I about her new job at Whole Foods, explaining what she would be doing which is workin

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    Have you ever played that game when one person starts a story and then another person takes it over, and then another, and thenuntil the story gets to where you can t even remember how it started John Dies at the End is a little bit like that game.Now picture Howard Philip Lovecraft and Ro

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    This book is about shit And insects And humanity.A peculiar combination, you may think I agree But this is a great story that may not have worked in the hands of any other author.My most amazing cousin Danielle has been asking me to read this book for about a year now, and I m really glad I fin

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    Juvenile humor was only a feature of this novel, not a bug There were plenty of bugs, tho That being said, it was a light hearted frolic in the woods of shit narnia, and I felt like getting a tattoo of the Pi symbol on my toe Strangely enough, I agreed with the idea of the last dead guy that first p

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    The man shaped arrangement of meat rose up, as if functioning as one body It pushed itself up on two arms made of game hens and country bacon, planting two hands with sausage link fingers on the floor The phrase sodomized by a bratwurst poltergeist suddenly flew through my mind Finally it stood fully upr

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    MILD SPOILERS IN THE FORM OF DIRECT QUOTES WHICH DON T REALLY TELL YOU ANYTHING ABOUT THE STORY 5 REASONS THIS MAY BE THE BEST BOOK YOU LL EVER READ 5 It s Literally Lough Out Loud FunnyI know it s not generally cool to slag off other people s book reviews It s their subjective opinion, they re entitled, free

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