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I Was Told Thered Be Cake From The Author Of The Novel, The Clasp, Hailed By Michael Chabon, Heidi Julavits, And J Courtney Sullivan Wry, Hilarious, And Profoundly Genuine, This Debut Collection Of Literary Essays From Sloane Crosley Is A Celebration Of Fallibility And Haplessness In All Their GloryFrom Despoiling An Exhibit At The Natural History Museum To Provoking The Ire Of Her First Boss To Siccing The Cops On Her Mysterious Neighbor, Crosley Can Do No Right Despite The Best Of Intentions Or Perhaps Because Of Them Together, These Essays Create A Startlingly Funny And Revealing Portrait Of A Complex And Utterly Recognizable Character Who Aims For The Stars But Hits The Ceiling, And The Inimitable City That Has Helped Shape Who She Is I Was Told There D Be Cake Introduces A Strikingly Original Voice, Chronicling The Struggles And Unexpected Beauty Of Modern Urban Life

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    HOW TO WRITE A MEMOIR PERSONAL COLLECTION OF ESSAYS LIKE SEDARIS, BURROUGHS, VOWELL, KLOSTERMAN, AND NOW SLOANE CROSBY So you want to be a successful memoirist personal essayist Follow these ten steps and wait for the book deals to roll into your mailbox 1 Write about your upbringing in ways that make it sound charming in its quirkiness

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    First, I have to be fair I only read about 3 4 of this book because it was all I could stand Maybe the last 1 4 was amazing.I found it rambling, uninspired, boring and not very funny It sounded like the stories you tell your friends your friends think the stories are funny because they know you Maybe they even tell you that you re really funny an

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    I started writing a review 1 2 way through the book because I had a lot to say about Ms Crossley I m posting the 1 2 way point review because I just couldn t finish the book I mthen 1 2 way through I Was Told There d Be Cake , a book of essays by Sloane Crosley I started it Sunday, by this morning s bus ride I ve plowed through this book relatively easily

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    What can I say I never intended to read this book I probably never would have, had I not received it in a publicity mailing at work The day it arrived, I was between books and just wanted something to read on the subway So I did And then I kept reading.I tend to not like to read books by successful people around my age If the books suck, I m angry for wasting my tim

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    This won awards, was a best seller and was heralded by critics I feel like the publishing world needed a darling in 2008 in the humorist category and chose Crosley for lack of a better.Occasionally humorous, but the humor of the spoiled and the shrug it off and smile of upper middle class woes of forgetting your keys, leaving your wallet behind, spending hundreds on a locksmi

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    Dosadniju i pretenciozniju knjigu davno nisam dr ala u rukama Ali sam zbog posla bila prinu ena da je pro itam Jel je itao jo neko

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    this book isn t bad, but it isn t good either it just is most of the essays are about as quirky as your mom after two glasses of wine, putting her hand over her mouth and gasping about the sh word sloane crosley is scared she will suffer an untimely death and whoever cleans out her apartment will find her stash of toy ponies this is not really the stuff of shocking hilarity it s almost quaint in

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    Sloane Crosley is similar to me and my friends in education, background, life experience, career trajectory, and the like The big difference is she has a book deal, and we do not As such, I tried to read this with an open mind and not hate her off the bat Turned out that was all an unnecessary gesture on my part, as even someone completely remote from her experience would realize she is one of the most ta

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    Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestWe re all in the midst of our own existential dilemmas and hearing someone write quirky little diatribes about their Devil Wears Prada esque boss or the friend who left poop on their carpet can sometimes make us feel as though we aren t alone.I WAS TOLD THERE D BE CAKE isn t that different from the hundreds of other autobiographical essays out there, but Sloane Crosley does have a

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    This book is so awful, so awful I couldn t bring myself to finish it Maybe I just missed the punch lines I think these essays were meant to be humorous , but my overwhelming response to these essays was So what Apparently, they are based upon Ms Crosley s life I hate to break it to her, but I just don t think her life has been that interesting The final affront was an apparent joke in her less than humorous essay about a pos

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