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The Autobiography of Santa Claus It All Started When Jeff Guinn Was Assigned To Write A Piece Full Of Little Known Facts About Christmas For His Paper, The Fort Worth Star Telegram A Few Months Later, He Received A Call From A Gentleman Who Told Him That He Showed The Story To An Important Friend Who Didn T Think Much Of It And Who Might That Be Asked Jeff The Next Thing He Knew, He Was Whisked Off To The North Pole To Meet With This Very Important Friend, And The Rest Is, Well, As They Say, History An Enchanting Holiday Treasure, The Autobiography Of Santa Claus Combines Solid Historical Fact With Legend To Deliver The Definitive Story Of Santa Claus And Who Better To Lead Us Through Seventeen Centuries Of Christmas Magic Than Good Ol Saint Nick Himself Families Will Delight In Each Chapter Of This New Christmas Classic One Per Each Cold December Night Leading Up To Christmas

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    This book has been on my holiday reading list for a decade So glad I finally got to it this year Love the way it blends history and lore By far the most entertaining way to learn about significant events over the last two thousand years,

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    During the holiday season, I turned to the gifted biography writer, Jeff Guinn, to open my mind to what must have been one of his most entertaining projects Christmas tends to be a time of giving and there are many who find Santa Claus, Father Chr

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    So I liked the first third of this book The second third started to get annoying And by the last third I was rolling my eyes and kept imagining myself making teenage finger gagging gestures over the ridiculousness At the beginning, the concept of the evolut

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    OK, the only reason I even read this one is because my book club chose it for our December selection This book proves to me why Dicken s A Christmas Carol is still so popular it was the last decent Christmas book written although The Santa Land Diaries and Skipping C

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    This book reads like Bill and Ted s Great Adventure I could tell you how Santa met Mrs Claus, but I won t I could tell you how he got into the business, but I won t I could tell you the how and who Santa recruited to help him, but I won t I could tell you about how Santa got t

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    I really love this book I think it s about 98% perfect As a Christmas nut, and, evenspecifically, a Santa Claus nut, I really appreciate all the actual history involved.The troubles, for me, begin to arise when Santa, his friend Felix and his wife Layla meet Attila the Hun From that poi

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    This is not only a fun book, but also very informative I had known that the Santa Claus we know now had evolved from a real historical figure Saint Nicholas, however I had no idea that he lived so long ago He was actually born in 280 AD It is amazing that this one man and his love of Jesus Christ

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    Several Christmases ago, a friend of mine from church recommended this book to me It has 24 chapters, and is a wonderful story to read to your kids throughout the month of December, leading up to Christmas Eve one chapter a night, starting December 1st.What I like most about the book, is that it weaves San

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    This is the autobiography of Santa Claus Written from the perspective of Saint Nicholas, he begins his story at the year of his birth, 280 AD He grew up in a Christian home and was well educated and of financially comfortable means Nicholas always felt that he should share his wealth with the people of his home in L

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    OK, I know that I am going to get coal in my stocking for only giving this book one star, but I call em like I read em This book follows the evolution of the Santa Claus myth starting with Saint Nicholas and ending with present day interpretations.Basically, I found the book to be poorly written Although it offers some histor

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