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Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: A Slightly Tarnished Southern Belle's Words of Wisdom Celia Rivenbark Is An Intrepid Explorer And Acid Commentator On The Land South Of The Mason Dixon Line In This Collection Of Screamingly Funny Essays, You Ll Discover How To Get Your Kid Into A Character Breakfast At Disney World Or Run The Risk Of Eating Chicken Out Of A Bucket With Sneezy Secrets Of Celebrity Moms Don T Hate Them Because They Re Beautiful When There Are So Many Other Reasons Ebay Addiction And Why It Ain T Worth Having If It Ain T On Ebay Why Today S Children S Clothes Make Six Year Olds Look Like Vegas Showgirls With An Abundance Of Anger Issues And So Much Celia Rivenbark S Essays About Life In Today S South Are Like Caramel Popcorn Sweet, Salty, And Utterly Irresistible

10 thoughts on “Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: A Slightly Tarnished Southern Belle's Words of Wisdom

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    Rivenbark calls herself a Slacker Mom for not taking her child to Disney World until after all the other moms had taken their kids Woah, lady, you are soooo bad This book is overly precious, even for chick lit The author spends a

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    Warning if you re into bashing fake people like the writer and I I snickered a lot when reading this book How I feel for Celia s frustation seeing motherm dressing their six year old daughters like a skank How I root for her taking on the s

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    Meh The funniest thing about the book for me was the sensationalistic title It was quippy, the author was lippy Yippy skippy Bleh.

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    I LOVED this book Rarely do I read a book where I am laughing out loudnot oncenot twicenot three times.not four, not five, not six etc You get the picture In every single chapter there was something, usually lots of somethings, that had me laughing out loud an

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    I really tried to like this book It s has the work Skank in the title, that right there is a winner for me I was so deflated after the first chapter I just couldn t relate It was like she was stating the obvious throughout the whole book and she kept saying the same thi

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    Rivenbark s tone was meant to be sardonic and honest to a fault, but often comes across as bitter and overly defensive She is funny, there is no doubt that her voice has a strong, Southern twang that leaps out of the words, but she focuses so much on what she is not A Supermom, h

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    I love Celia Rivenbark She always gets me rolling This book of short essays focus on different aspects of Southern life kids, husbands, celebrities, and other rites of Southern culture The essay on obituaries was spot on Not to mention the visitation to the hospital Lawd, I do know a few o

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    if i could give negative stars this book would receive 4.against my better judgment i purchased this book out of the bargain section at B N in my defense i needed something to read during lunch, i figured it had to be at least worth the 3 i paid for it.this woman has very few funny observations to m

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    Forced myself through all but the last 15 pages Not funny, not witty Something I could have written, and I am an awful writer.

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    Rivenbark says out loud what we re all thinking but don t have the cajones to say Some of the funniest stories I ve ever read, all told with that sweet Southern girl style.

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