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The Little Match Girl The Wares Of The Poor Little Match Girl Illuminate Her Cold World, Bringing Some Beauty To Her Brief, Tragic Life

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    Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne The little match Girl, Hans Christian AndersenThe Little Match Girl Danish Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne, meaning The little girl with the matchsticks is a short story

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    What a sad and melancholic fairy tale A little girls is standing forlorn outside a building trying to sell matches She doesn t sell anything but starts seeing beautiful things when she lights up a match Will th

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    If there is aheart wrenching story in all of literature, then you will have to show me, because I don t believe there is.

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    A sad tale in which hopes and dreams are realized only through the finality of earthly existence and the beginning of a heavenly salvation.

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    Man, did my mother ever hate reading this one to me, but I couldn t get enough of it Mom wanted so much to send me off to sleepyland with only smiley tales of princesses in frilly gowns who had happily ever afters, but my inn

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    Love this little cute story, day by day a little bit less my daughter ask me to read it together every night before bedtime, i am learning it by heart..we have this paperback edition and she loves to look at the drawings Love this

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    First published in 1845.Yep, 1845, and I d never even heard of it Well, take my word for it, this very sad short story of The Little Match Girl will rip your heart right out

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    What kinda twisted human being wrote this for kids It s storytime I loved this book as a kid, I loved it so so much The funny thing is I don t remember reading it but I remember holding it, I remember carrying it everywhere and I remember w

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    A beautiful story when looked at with a positive thought Loved this book and would highly recommend it for all to take the time to read.

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    Beautiful but heartbreaking Christmas tale Some books are worth re reading every year no matter how old you get.

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