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Are You There, Vodka? Its Me, Chelsea When Chelsea Handler Needs To Get A Few Things Off Her Chest, She Appeals To A Higher Power Vodka You Would Too If You Found Out That Your Boyfriend Was Having An Affair With A Peekapoo Or If You Had To Pretend To Be Honeymooning With Your Father In Order To Upgrade To First Class Welcome To Chelsea S World A Place Where Absurdity Reigns Supreme And A Quick Wit Is The Best Line Of Defense.In This Hilarious, Deliciously Skewed Collection, Chelsea Mines Her Past For Stories About Her Family, Relationships, And Career That Are At Once Singular And Ridiculous Whether She S Convincing Her Third Grade Class That She Has Been Tapped To Play Goldie Hawn S Daughter In The Sequel To Private Benjamin, Deciding To Be Egalitarian By Dating A Redhead, Or Looking Out For A Foulmouthed, Rum Swilling Little Person Who Looks Just Like Her Only Smaller, Chelsea Has A Knack For Getting Herself Into The Most Outrageous Situations Are You There, Vodka It S Me, Chelsea Showcases The Candor And Irresistible Turns Of Phrase That Have Made Her One Of The Freshest Voices In Comedy Today.

About the Author: Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has become one of entertainment s most sought after and versatile rising stars In July 2007, Chelsea broke into the world of late night talk shows with her E Entertainment series, Chelsea Lately airing weeknights at 11 00 p.m Consistently the network s highest rated program, Chelsea Lately offers a tongue in cheek look at entertainment news, celebrity truths, and rumors that Chelsea Handler has become one of entertainment s most sought after and versatile rising stars In July 2007, Chelsea broke into the world of late night talk shows with her E Entertainment series, Chelsea Lately airing weeknights at 11 00 p.m Consistently the network s highest rated program, Chelsea Lately offers a tongue in cheek look at entertainment news, celebrity truths, and rumors that just won t die, along with other hot topics of the day Bringing refreshing new energy to and redefining perceptions of the talk show, Chelsea Lately is an authentic and hilarious commentary on the celebrity culture around us Both Handler and the show have also been recognized as pioneers in late night with the show boasting five female writers to account for half of its writing staff This is unprecedented in the late night arena that has historically been dominated by male hosts and writers.In addition to her wildly successful television series, Chelsea is equally well known as a best selling author On March 28, 2010, she achieved a spectacular feat when her three books took the 1, 2, and 3 spots on the New York Times Best Seller list Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, from Grand Central Publishing, was the 1 nonfiction hardcover Are You There, Vodka It s Me, Chelsea, from Simon Spotlight Entertainment, was the 2 nonfiction paperback and My Horizontal Life, from Bloomsbury, was the 3 nonfiction paperback In hardcover, Are You There, Vodka It s Me, Chelseadebuted at 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list when published in April 2008, and My Horizontal Life has been a bestseller for 80 weeks As a testament to her versatility and tireless work ethic, Chelsea s 21 city comedy tour, also entitled Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and sponsored by Belvedere Vodka, kicked off in March 2010 After tickets sold out immediately, Live Nation added 15shows As one of the nation s most acclaimed and cutting edge comedians, Handler delivers a sharp combination of fearless honesty, ironic riffs, and self deprecations with no shortage of material.With her roots in both stand up comedy and television, Chelsea was also the star of Oxygen s Girls Behaving Badly now syndicated in over 90 markets for all of its four seasons She also starred on E in The Chelsea Handler Show In 2007 2008, Chelsea starred with Jenny McCarthy and Leah Remini in the hugely popular MSN online web series In The Motherhood.In March 2009, Chelsea was honored the prestigious Ally for Equality Award by the Human Rights Campaign, recognizing the outstanding efforts of those who dedicate time, energy, spirit and whole hearted commitment to better the lives of LGBT people She continues to be an influential and dedicated advocate for the LGBT community.Handler, who grew up in New Jersey, currently resides in Los Angeles.

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    Horrible Chelsea Lately is a great show, and Chelsea Handler a talented comedian But this book is bad A colossal disappointment The whole crass shock value thing wears thin really quickly I might have laughed a couple of times, but not enough to warrant even a second star.

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    Cutting edge, funny sexy stories Having seen Chelsea doing stand up and on Girls Behaving Badly, I was anxious to see how her wicked sarcastic wit would translate into text It s fantastic A seriously gifted writer, who combines funny and raunchy better than any woman.I mean wild, hilarious and uninhibited story telling And it s not just the sheer ridiculous situations she encounters She refl

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    Admittedly, I don t usually read books like this, but found Are You There, Vodka It s Me, Chelsea to be an overall entertaining collection The first four essays were, far and away, the best in the collection Until reading this book, I had no familiarity with Handler Totally underwhelming and inconsistently hilarious Admittedly, the parts that were funny really were fantastic However, Chelsea Handler

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    Ah Chelsea, Hilarious Read this on the plane ride back from atlanta She never disappoints and I m certain i annoyed rows 18 and 20 of Airtran Flight 176, and possibly rows 17 and 21 at certain points in the book with my laughter Would recommend it to anyone

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    This sort of book and the positive outpouring for it make me really feel like I must have missed the boat somewhere in the last couple decades of culture or something Maybe it is that I have never seen Handler s stand up and came to this book expecting something a little bit different Perhaps Handler s shtick is that she is merely making a tongue in cheek imitation of the cliche mean girl that we all know from our hig

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    Buhwahahaha This woman is easily the funniest woman in the entertainment industry Yes, she s rude and crude, and definitely not for the prude But I just can t help it I love her She brings out the evil maniacal laugh in me, if case you didn t already notice.Since her other book is entitled My Horizontal Life A Collection of One Night Stands , you can be fairly certain this book will also i...

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    Before I say anything regarding my rating of this book, it needs to be said how much I love Chelsea Handler I love Chelsea Lately, and I love her standup routines She is a spunky, hilarious individual, and I have always admired her for that I was really excited to read this book, because so many of my friends have enjoyed it and because I am a Chelsea enthusiast Unfortunately, this book didn t do anything for me Sure, the anecdotes wer

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    This book was just as much fun as Handler s first but possibly darker Not that she got meaner or grosser but in this book I was often wondering, since for the most part, Handler does seem to actually wish to not overtly hurt anyone s feelings, how obvious it was to the people discussed that they were subjects Some of them seemed to deserve it but nonetheless, this newer book seemed meaner Handler has fantastic stories I don t care if she has ma

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    Okay, I sent this back to the libraryhalf way through It started to collect dust and when it was reading time, I just didn t want to pick it up The library was begging for it back and I figured after 7 weeks, I wasn t going to finish it I got this book because Chelsea s show is funny and sometimes outrageous I wanted to knowabout her, but it is so couched in comedy what did I expect, right that it s mildly disappointing I liked the book at least the hal

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    Are you there Vodka It s Me ChelseaEverything about this book is clever, starting with the title To any Judy Blume fan, the parody is obvious, but even the less informed reader to whom I will now impart the title of Blume s novel, Are you there God It s me, Margaret would find this title an apt one Are you there Vodkachronicles Chelsea Handler s sexual antics across all realms, from weddings, to summer flings, to family vacations, and while the men and midgets v

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