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Highfire From the New York Times bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series comes a hilarious and high octane adult novel about a vodka drinking, Flashdance loving dragon who lives an isolated life in the bayous of Louisiana and the raucous adventures that ensue when he crosses paths with a fifteen year old troublemaker on the run from a crooked sheriffIn the days of yore, he flew the skies and scorched angry mobs now he hides from swamp tour boats and rises only with the greatest reluctance from his Laz Z Boy recliner Laying low in the bayou, this once magnificent fire breather has been reduced to lighting Marlboros with nose sparks, swilling Absolut in a Flashdance T shirt, and binging Netflix in a fishing shack For centuries, he struck fear in hearts far and wide as Wyvern, Lord Highfire of the Highfire Eyrie now he goes by Vern Howeverhe has survived, unlike the rest He is the last of his kind, the last dragon Still, no amount of vodka can drown the loneliness in his molten core Vern s glory days are long gone Or are they A canny Cajun swamp rat, young Everett Squib Moreau does what he can to survive, trying not to break the heart of his saintly single mother He s finally decided to work for a shady smuggler but on his first night, he witnesses his boss murdered by a crooked constableRegence Hooke is not just a dirty cop, he s a despicable human being who happens to want Squib s momma in the worst way When Hooke goes after his hidden witness with a grenade launcher, Squib finds himself airlifted from certain death by a dragon The swamp can make strange bedfellows, and rather than be fried alive so the dragon can keep his secret, Squib strikes a deal with the scaly apex predator He can act as his go between aka familiar fetch his vodka, keep him company, etc in exchange for protection from Hooke Soon the three of them are careening headlong toward a combustible confrontation There s about to be a fiery reckoning, in which either dragons finally go extinct or Vern s glory days are backA triumphant return to the genre bending fantasy that Eoin Colfer is so well known for, Highfire is an effortlessly clever and relentlessly funny tour de force of comedy and action

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    Eoin Colfer writes a comic adult fantasy in his usual trademark style, which readers will be familiar with if they have read his Artemis Fowl series and or his other books Here he takes us to Louisiana s bayous, and New Orleans in this tale of a lonely, depresse

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    3.5 starsThis was not at all what I expected A lotswearing, a lotbody humor, and a LOTswamp lifestyle dialect and bizarre POVs than I was prepared to read It was good But not for me Concept super originalWriting really polarizingOverall impression not for me, but

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    Vern was a dragon, arguably, the last of his kind Once upon a time, he had been Wyvern, Lord Highfire of the Highfire Eyrienowhe spent his days in the bayou blending in with the locals, staying down wind of the swamp tours Seven foot tall Vern, watched Netflix and

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    a vodka drinking, Flashdance loving dragon already digging in wallet for that cash money I m a maniaaaac, maniaaaac for this book

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    Have you ever read a book about a dragon One who flashdances And likes vodka and lives in Louisiana Sounds fun, right But evenfun ensues when he meets a teenage troublemaker on the lam.Highfire is quite the different read for me, but I m so grateful I picked it up I

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    Beware there be dragons Well, one grumpy and lonely dragon called Vern short for Wyvern , hiding out in the Louisiana swamp, filling his time watching netflix and drinking Absolut vodka He is probably the last of his kind and has seen his friends and relatives murder

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    Squib was marked and he knew it I gotta sort this out, he thought I gotta get out from under that dragon Which is not a problem most people have to solve in their lifetimes In general, most folks who get to meet a dragon only get to think about it that one time for ab

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    Vern What kind of name is that for an apex predator Why for the life of me can I not learn to DNF a book I torture myself through things I obviously don t like and then wonder why I don t feel like reading.One of my resolutions for 2020 is to readNew to me Authors. But

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    With a narrative voice somewhere between Huckleberry Finn and the Dukes of Hazzard, and a keen sense of pop culture awareness, Highfire is certainly something different It s a charming, funny, but sometimes brutal look at poor Cajun life and crime in the Louisiana bayou

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    I won this in a GoodReads giveaway Thanks to GR and Harper Perennial for the book.Despite what I had read in the blurb, I was not expecting Vern, LOL This book was just plain fun to read There were a lot of hi jinks in a Louisiana swamp with a crooked cop, a juvenile del

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