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The Glass Hotel From The Award Winning Author Of Station Eleven,a Captivating Novel Of Money, Beauty, White Collar Crime, Ghosts, And Moral Compromise In Which A Woman Disappears From A Container Ship Off The Coast Of Mauritania And A Massive Ponzi Scheme Implodes In New York, Dragging Countless Fortunes With ItVincent Is A Bartender At The Hotel Caiette, A Five Star Glass And Cedar Palace On An Island In British Columbia Jonathan Alkaitis Works In Finance And Owns The Hotel When He Passes Vincent His Card With A Tip, It S The Beginning Of Their Life Together That Same Day, Vincent S Half Brother, Paul, Scrawls A Note On The Windowed Wall Of The Hotel Why Don T You Swallow Broken Glass Leon Prevant, A Shipping Executive For A Company Called Neptune Avramidis, Sees The Note From The Hotel Bar And Is Shaken To His Core Thirteen Years Later Vincent Mysteriously Disappears From The Deck Of A Neptune Avramidis Ship Weaving Together The Lives Of These Characters, The Glass Hotel Moves Between The Ship, The Skyscrapers Of Manhattan, And The Wilderness Of Northern Vancouver Island, Painting A Breathtaking Picture Of Greed And Guilt, Fantasy And Delusion, Art And The Ghosts Of Our Pasts

About the Author: Emily St. John Mandel

Emily St John Mandel was born and raised on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada She studied contemporary dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and lived briefly in Montreal before relocating to New York She is the author of five novels, including The Glass Hotel spring 2020 and Station Eleven 2014 Station Eleven was a finalist for a National Book Award and the PEN Faulkner

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    Emily St John Mandel writes an exquisite other worldly novel, slightly surreal as if peering through a misted looking glass, of alternative realities, paths not taken, ghosts, of a diverse and disparate cast of characters, their lives and connections revealed as the narrative goes back and forth in time It is a story of greed, immense wealth, a financial empire built on the shifting sands of an intern

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    You may be wondering if The Glass Hotel is anything like Emily St John Mandel s previous novel Station Eleven The answer is no AND yes.Don t get me wrong, The Glass Hotel is a very different kind of book Its setting is realistic, not speculative In place of Station Eleven s focus on art Shakespeare, music, comics there is filthy lucre specifically a Ponzi scheme bearing a s

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    I m not usually attracted to books that feature financial elements, but in this case I made an exception Simply because I love how this author writes and the way she puts together a story I m so glad I went with my intuition, which shows sometimes you just need to trust a favored author.Although this is about a Ponzi scheme, it is so much It is the story of Vincent, a female, named after Edna St Vincent

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    It must be incredibly difficult for a writer to follow a monster hit like Station Eleven Everyone, it seems, is dying to read The Glass Hotel, and that includes me I normally think it s a little obnoxious to review an advance copy 6 months before the book s publication, but I simply could not wait to dive into this one So I will get this out of the way first The Glass Hotel is not post apocalyptic, it s not

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    This sounds like absolutely everything.

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    Anyone who has read Station Eleven or in fact any of the author s previous novels will know that Mandel writes thoughtful and addictive stories Her prose doesn t shout a story at you, it s far subtle than that Instead you re likely to be taken through a gentle maze of events that eventually knit together to deliver a gut punch This book starts with what appears to be a scene of Vincent s final moments after f

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    You should eat broken glass The sentence above, a remote island hotel, a Ponzi scheme, a container ship, a lost young woman, and a ghostly presence provide the framework for this masterful novel about greed, guilt, ambition, and love The writing is languid and dreamy yet still page turning as the stories of the interconnected characters fold back upon themselves This is a mesmerizing, unearthly novel with charact

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    At first, I found the storyline all over the place and I felt a bit baffled because I couldn t see where it was heading It jumped from timeline to timeline and character to character in a seemingly random and disconnected fashion and I couldn t join the dots Then it all began to slot into place and I saw the reasoning and then I was able to settle into enjoying the book The 5 star luxury Glass Hotel was in Caiette,

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    This is a new author for me, finding a new author is very exciting and I couldn t wait to start this book The Glass Hotel is on Vancouver Island, only accessible by boat A luxury 5 star hotel owned by Jonathon Alkatis who works in finance.When Jonathon passes a card with his tip to Vincent the bartender it s a new beginning for as his trophy wife, leading to money and entitlement Thirteen years later Vincent disappea

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    There are so many ways to haunt a person, or a life Emily St John Mandel seems to have two particular talents probably a lot , but these two stand out to me She has a remarkable way to tell a story by jumping around in time and yet having it all make sense She seems to be able to put the pieces together so that the reveals from the past or future come at exactly the right point to avoid the reader being either

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