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Everafter Song I received an advanced copy from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.Wow Just wow Utterly speechless with tears in my eyes and so much feelings in my chest as I finished this novel We pick up with a few months after where we ended with Into The Hourglass, Evie and her friends have taken refuge and have a simple life, albeit, in hiding, but they know it cannot last forever As all of the group of friends are trying to heal from what occurred, they know that the battle is not over yet As this beautiful story unfolds, we visit new lands and get answers to questions I did not even realize I had This is an emotional journey that comes to an EPIC head with a Lord of the Rings style battle that will make you not want to put down I just cannot even think of the words to explain how amazing this novel was and the wonderful journey these novels took me through Bravo Emily, bravo. Thank you to Skyscape, Netgalley, and Emily R King for this ebook copy in exchange for an honest review In the last book in The Ever Chronicles, Everley is so close to stopping Killian Markham, but he keeps slipping through her fingers Time and time again she walks right into his traps, and he walks away with the lead Everley must travel than ever and get used to powers she didn t realize she had, and quickly so she can use them to gain advantage on Markham Several endings have been foretold, and Everafter Song brings even new magical creatures elves, giants, trolls, sea hags, etc into the fold Everley is doing all she can to maintain the structure of the worlds and not allow Markham to rip them all apart But will she have the strength to make the hard decision when it comes Alas, this trilogy is over I am 100% DEAD over the ending NO spoilers here, but man am I sad about it Everafter Song is the end book you want to bring a magical and wild adventure to an end And, my most hated characters got what was coming to them in the end which is great I flowed through this book all in one day because I just needed to know how the story ended and whether Everley was able to prevail and save the worlds.The world building in this series is insane So insane, it was almost hard to keep straight at times I did read these on my iPad, so assuming there is a map in the print books that would help keep track of the worlds The concept of Father Time has been interesting throughout this story, even if I didn t always agree with their actions.OH and we have a few quietly LGBTQIA characters Multiple lesbian gay bisexual not entirely clear but there were same sex relationships interests along with a transgender elf I AM HERE FOR IT Osric must be protected at all costs.I just have to go back to the ending though The end is really the kicker for me that pulled the rating down I wish there had been a way to have a Happily Ever After ending, but I totally get why there wasn t I just feel like King built such a bad a character in Everley and the ending took all of that away from her.Overall, I think if you like epic world building, YA Fantasy, and some irredeemable characters please go check out The Ever Chronicles There S A Price On Everley Donovan S Head Fleeing From The Queen S False Accusation Of Murder And Sorcery, The Girl With The Clock Heart Knows There S Only One Way To Prove Her Innocence Everley Must Catch Killian Markham, The Fugitive Prince Guilty Of The Crimes For Which She S Been Condemned To Do That, Everley Must Follow Him Into The Towering Realm Of The Silver Clouded Plain It S Where Flesh Eating Behemoths Thrive, Long Lost Gods Hide, And An Artifact Of Destructive Force Awaits The Death Grip Of The Immortal PrinceHaunted By Visions Of Burning Everwoods And Bloody Battlefields, Everley S Fears Are Rising Because The Elusive Relic Threatens Than The Very Power That Drives Her Clock Heart In Killian S Hands, It Can Lead To The Dismantling Of The Seven Worlds With Everything And Everyone Everley Loves At Stake, She Must Depend On Killian S One Weakness To Outwit Him In His Mad Ambitions, Killian Has Underestimated Her Once Again For Everley Is The Time Bearer This Is Her Destiny The Time Of Reckoning Is At Hand This was a good ending to the trilogy It actually read faster than the previous 2 books I just wish the epilogue had shared a bit about what happened to certain characters But otherwise, I m happy with how everything turned out. Everley is on the run and has been accused of murder and sorcery She would like nothing less than to prove her innocence, but in order to do that she must find Killian, the prince who has actually committed these crimes Her pursuit of Killian leads her to the Silver Clouded Plain where creatures long forgotten still exist Everley continues to have dreams of fighting and carnage, but her waking time is filled with even threats against her clock heart and those she loves Will Everley be able to outsmart Killian before time runs out Everafter Song is the final book in The Ever Chronicles This third story was easy to fall back into and the characters are even fantastic and intriguing King has wrapped up this adventure with some satisfactory endings, yet there are hints at the end of stories to come Of course, that is what life is, story day after day I recommend Everafter Song to everyone who read the first two books and if you haven t read this series yet, what are you waiting for I have absolutely adored this trilogy and now with this final instalment Everley has to make the ultimate sacrifice She s such a brave character and it s been impossible not to like her as she constantly gets outmanoeuvred by the tricky Killian Killian is without doubt a truly vile character who never hesitates in his plan to cheat time and enslave humans His numerous crimes are heinous and include murder and even the death of a world This time Everley has to chase him to the land where giants live but as giants find humans to be a tasty snack she really needs to catch up to him fast As much as this trilogy is about Everley it s also a sweet ensemble piece with supporting characters that add so much to the background The world building has been excellent and whilst it s always felt perhaps historical there is actually technology in the realm of the giants which was a huge surprise The author managed to include all the life forms from previous stories in this the final episode which made it feel that questions were answered Everley is the original Duracell bunny as she doesn t know how to stop and she s well matched by Killian who is one very confident and tricky elf I did feel the ending was appropriate but perhaps I personally would have liked just a touch because I m left wondering what happened to several characters whom I d grown quite fond of.This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair The conclusion to the Ever Chronicles will have Everley Donovan making the ultimate sacrifice, but can she do it Killian Markham, the prince of elves, has a devious plan and is always steps ahead of Everley Donovan and her friends Everley has been Killian s pawn for too long Killian has allies and plans to wake the giants from their slumber to finish what was started hundreds of years ago, making the humans servants to the elves Everley will have to gather allies, including ones she believed were enemies, to save time and those she loves, for she is the Time Bearer, the only one who can stop Killian Everley and her companions travel through the different lands, dealing with mermaids, elves, giants, and humans Seeing glimpses of the future and the horrors that will come if they do not succeed gives Everley determination to stop Killian But Killian has been planning this for a long time and revenge is a powerful motivator Killian is a master manipulator and Everley will need to somehow outsmart him to save time. BOOK REVIEW This is the 3rd and final instalment of the Ever Chronicles Thank you to netgalley emilyrking publishing for my advanced copy I couldn t put this down I m left feeling slightly speechless and very emotional Emily never disappoints but this book is an absolute triumph I love these characters they are so well developed and maintained through each book, their final journey only makes them loveable and stronger They are such a band of misfits who love each other endlessly The story itself is just awe inspiring, it s been such a fantastic journey throughout I can not recommend these books highly enough The language, scene setting and story telling are the best I ve read for a very long time I can picture each world and landscape perfectly, it makes me wish I could draw I cried my way through the final chapters, sadness that I knew the book was ending but also at the intense and beautiful ending Good on you Emily it s bloody marvellous Thank you I absolutely loved this series It s been so fun to read Each book was peppered with influences from many different fairy tales, some obvious than others I loved seeing all the different inspirations throughout the series.EVERAFTER SONG is the third and final book in this series, and it was an action packed, exciting conclusion I thought it was the perfect ending I really enjoyed how Emily R King made you care about her whole cast of characters and not just the main ones I even found myself understanding the villain s motivation and wondering if he wasn t in the right.I can t wait to see what Emily R King comes up with next I received a digital ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A good conclusion to this trilogy I enjoy the strong characters, the representation through a diverse and inclusive band A well rounded story with just the right balance of battle and team Not to be read out of sequence, this is a series worth binging Full disclosure I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Emily R King is a reader of everything and a writer of fantasy Born in Canada and raised in the USA, she has perfected the use of eh and y all and uses both interchangeably Shark advocate, consumer of gummy bears, and islander at heart, Emily s greatest interests are her four children She s a member of the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators and an active participant in her

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