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When Will It Stop Hurting? Crystle Was The Love Of His Life For Thirty Six Years They Had Done Everything Together As Retirement Approached All He Could Think Of Was Spending Even Time With His Beautiful Wife, Growing Old Together Just Three Years Earlier They Had Sold Their Home In The Toronto Area And Moved To Niagara In Preparation For Retirement Then On Her Th Birthday, Crystle Was Diagnosed With Stage Four Brain Cancer A Terminal Diagnosis That Glenn Never Allowed Himself To Accept But Just Eight Months Later She Had Succumbed To Her Illness And Glenn Was Thrust Into A Time Filled With Uncontrolled Grief That Seemed To Almost Suffocate Him This Is His Real Life Story He Shares The Raw Emotions And The Dark Places He Visited In His Mind His Story Will Make You Laugh And Cry It Will Makes You Cherish Your Loved Ones You Will Be Uplifted As You Follow His Path In Overcoming Grief His Inspirational Story Will Provide Comfort And Hope To Others Struggling With Grief

About the Author: Glenn Cameron

Glenn grew up on Canada s east coast He earned a business degree at the University of New Brunswick and has spent most of his adult working life in the information technology industry in Toronto In 2017, Glenn s wife of 36 years was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and passed away eight months later She was the love of his life and Glenn was thrust into a very dark period in his life Throu

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    First and foremost, a large thank you to Glenn Cameron for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Glenn Cameron recently reached out to me, asking if I would read and review his heartfelt book about a personal journey through grief Having made my own trek numerous times, including a long stroll as a young adult clos

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