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The Cendovian Our Code Transcends Us And Becomes UsStanford Computer Science Professor Richard Nelson Is On A Mission To Save Humanity From Itself To Do So, He Must First Save His Wife Virginia In This Quest, Richard And His Neuroscientist Friend Pari Seek The Code To Immortality Leveraging Artificial Intelligence And Virtual Reality, They Build A New World They Call Cendovia, And An Organization So Secret Most Do Not Know They Are Even In ItA Dramatic First Day Of College For Richard S Top Students, Victor, Marisa, And Connor, Sets Them On A Collision Course With This Secret Organization For Victor, Things Start Off Bad And Keep Getting Worse He Struggles To Change His Fortune, Struggling Most Of All To Uncover The Mystery His Professor Hides Marisa And Connor Team Up To Help Victor As These Three Friends Strive To Become The Superheroes Richard Has Called On Programmers To BeWhile Unlocking The Capability To Transcend Into Digital Form, Richard And Pari Grapple With The Moral Questions Such Transcendence Awakens At The Risk Of Losing His Grip On Reality, Richard Reshapes His World To Retain The Memory Of His Love As He Journeys Into An After Life Of His Own Creation Though A Looming Danger Approaches, He Remains Willing To Die For His Cause And Most Of All For Virginia But How Many Deaths Must He Endure

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    Reading the NetGalley ARC aaand, now I m not DNF at 9% I was interested in the concept, but it s buried under so much off topic tedium that I have to give up Flat characters, uninspired dialogue, tedious prose all the hallmarks of newer writers, plus this is a long book, which on

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    I loved it Interesting concept Realistic, likeable characters The tech y stuff was detailed enough that I actually felt like I was learning something but not so detailed that it felt bogged down confusing I ll definitely be watching for the next book in this series I loved it Interesting c

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    It took a while to get started, but once it did get going I loved it

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    A great read This book leaves you hungry for Book 2.

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    I m not a computer person so wasn t sure I would be able to keep up But loved it and the way the characters came together Didn t expect the twist at the end Looking forward to Book 2

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    2 verging on 1 A sorely disappointing read.First of all, everyone is the book acts incredibly immature, rude, and, in the case of Richard Nelson, almost sadistic I realize that many of the characters are college students who ARE a bit immature, but this is too much, e.g., Victor meets Marisa when she pushes him off of a diving b

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    like sci fi and read lots of dystopian stuff, but this was a good change of pace It s not hard science fiction, but if you re willing to allow a few leaps of faith on some of the fictional technology, you ll enjoy it The Cendovian doesn t paint technology as our downfall, but rather quite possibly as our salvation I m interested to see ho

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    Loved the book It was evident the author had a personal understanding of deep code I got a good chuckle from Victor struggling to surface from a coding session when interrupted I, too, was sometimes fearful of losing the stack I had built in my head when interrupted or stopping for the night which instead sometimes led to long hours in the zone.I e

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    I think this story was entertaining and intriguing I struggled to comprehend why Richard was held captive, but the story doesn t clearly confirm that Yashira and Konstatin are dead There s supposed to beto the story I also think that the story didn t really have a timeline nor relatable characters Some of these characters such as Richard experienced doubts,

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    This novel is a wonderful diversion from the chaos in the world around us Without giving much away, the story centers around a group of brilliant computer programmers who consider the possibility of human life beyond our physical bodies If who we are is ultimately contained within our minds, can that be digitally transferred to the cloud Can we continue our existence

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