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Wall of Silence Her Children Have A Deadly Secret Can She Uncover It Before The Police Do Melissa Byatt S Life In Forest Grove Seems As Perfect As Can Be A Doting Husband, Three Loving Children And A Beautiful House In A Close Knit Community But Appearances Can Be DeceivingOne Evening, Melissa Arrives Home To The Unimaginable Her Husband Lies Stabbed On The Kitchen Floor, Their Children Standing Calmly Around Him With Horror, She Realises That One Of Them Is To Blame But Which One And Why Would They Attack Their Own Father Her Loyalties Torn, In A Split Second She Decides To Protect Her Children At All Costs Even If That Means Lying To The Police But When Someone In The Neighbourhood Claims To Know Than They Should, Melissa Discovers That Some Secrets Are Beyond Her Control Can She Find Out The Truth Of What Happened Before The Rumours Spread And Can The Family Unite To Escape The Spotlight Of Scandal Or Are None Of Them As Innocent As Melissa Insists

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    Patrick Byatt is found by his wife Melissa severely injured on their kitchen floor, with his three children looking on Patrick has been stabbed The story is told by Melissa, interspersed with the killers thoughts and Facebook entries from the unpleasant Forest Grove community where they live I appreciate that others really liked this so I m out of step

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    At the end of Wall of Silence, in the author s notes, it says I hope you re reading this letter with a bit of a tear in your eye and a smile Sadly, I did not For whatever reason, and I m not sure I can pinpoint a particular reason, I was never able to connect to the characters in this book However, as much as I would have liked to have caredabout the charact

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    Wall of Silence opens with the inner thoughts of the person who has stabbed Patrick Byatt, the husband and father of the family It is automatically clear that one of the three children is responsible for it and there is a cover up being formed, not to mention overall panic Soon, Melissa comes home from a bike ride to find her husband bleeding on the kitchen floor

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    I really enjoyed this book It had all the elements I love except too many characters which confused me at times I loved the way this book kept me guessing at who did the murder and the ending surprised me.

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    For my full review, visit me at a perfect family exist Well, that s the image that the residents of Forest Grove have of the Byatt family Yet, after a tragic event, cracks rapidly start appearing, proving that nothing is what it seems in this very close knit community.For my full review, visit me at For my full review, visit me at a perfect family exist Well, that s the im

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    Absolutely not the right author for me Backstories with endless details then backstories for the backstories Long Facebook chats of the nastiest sorts A thin story buried under heaps of detail and every detail beaten to death, expanded upon and explained multiple times Perhaps a book for people with nothing to do Reading level appropriate for young teens, but the story content

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    Wow, am I the only person who really didn t like this book In fact, I was surprised I even finished it, given that I put it down time and again after becoming frustrated with the lead character Here s the deal, when you live in a tiny insular Peyton Place, where everyone knows everyone else s business, how in the world can you remain ignorant to practically everything that goes on a

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    Melissa comes home to find her husband stabbed, all signs point to one of her children being responsible, and she decides to protect them Understandable, but she took such a passive approach that it seemed unbelievable She confronts the kids who are 15 year old boy girl twins and their 10 year old sister and basically they tell her they just can t talk about it So Melissa s response is b

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    ARC received in exchange for an honest review The story begins with a flashback from the killer and you move on to the present when Melissa discovers her husband is murdered, probably by one of her children.The whole concept sounded very interesting from the start A small town, a murder mystery, with the wild nature in the background.The premise of the story already made me very excited to re

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    This book starts with a prologue, and in it we the readers seem to learn who the alleged attacker is, but that can t be right But there has to beto the plot than that This is definitely thriller The plot thickens withtwists I really loved this thriller, and learning slowly and graduallyabout the main characters, especially the three children Lilly and Lewis who are fifteen year old twins, and thei

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