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The Pull of the Stars In Dublin A Maternity Ward At The Height Of The Great Flu Is A Small World Of Work, Risk, Death, And Unlooked For Love, In Donoghue S Best Novel Since Room Kirkus Reviews In An Ireland Doubly Ravaged By War And Disease, Nurse Julia Power Works At An Understaffed Hospital In The City Center, Where Expectant Mothers Who Have Come Down With The Terrible New Flu Are Quarantined Together Into Julia S Regimented World Step Two Outsiders Doctor Kathleen Lynn, A Rumoured Rebel On The Run From The Police , And A Young Volunteer Helper, Bridie SweeneyIn The Darkness And Intensity Of This Tiny Ward, Over Three Days, These Women Change Each Other S Lives In Unexpected Ways They Lose Patients To This Baffling Pandemic, But They Also Shepherd New Life Into A Fearful World With Tireless Tenderness And Humanity, Carers And Mothers Alike Somehow Do Their Impossible Work In The Pull Of The Stars, Emma Donoghue Once Again Finds The Light In The Darkness In This New Classic Of Hope And Survival Against All Odds

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    Dublin, 1918, the world is being ravaged by the Spanish flu, influenza Men are returning from the war, damaged, changed Julia is an almost thirty, single woman, living with her brother who cannot or will not speak She is also a nurse, which is one of the only decent employment available to women Her hospital is beseiged by flu cases and her ward is on

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    5 Stars, one of the best of 2020Talk about timing Emma Donoghue became interested in the Great Influenza in 2018 because of the 100 year anniversary But as she put the final touches on her draft, the corona virus reared its ugly head Emma Donoghue has always been a master at putting us smack dab in a time and place Here, it s Ireland in 1918 WWI is still ongoin

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    4.5 stars rounded to 5 starsWhat a quiet yet powerful little gem this is Emma Donoghue escaped my radar up until now The blurb enticed me, and my impulse decision to hit the green Net Galley request button paid off nicely.This is a 3 day slice of life centering on 3 women and several key minor characters The book takes place during the 1918 influenza pandemic Much of the

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    Pain and suffering gather at doorsteps.No particular street No predestined number Certainly, without invitation.Julia Power rides her bicycle through the darkened streets of Dublin in the pouring rain Her destination is the understaffed and over populated hospital reeling from the onslaught of The Great Flu of 1918 The world, and in particular Ireland, takes on an invisible enemy

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    Vita gloriosa vita Life glorious lifeThere s an aura throughout this story that is somewhat bleak, while at the same time gripping in the dangers, the then fairly recent uprising that occurred Easter 1916, WWI, the conditions these people face during the 1918 pandemic something that we have all recently become too familiar with There s also so much tender consideration, kindness from this

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    Having read the galley for Emma Donoghue s last novel The Wonder, I put in a request for The Pull of the Stars before even reading the synopsis I was not disappointed.Donoghue revisits some of the same themes in this novel an unmarried female nurse embracing scientific methods, women s lives in a repressive society, what we will do for family and love.Set in 1918 in the middle of the Spanish Flu epid

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    This is a brilliant, timely and unputdownable novel set during the 1918 flu pandemic in a poor Dublin hospital during the days leading up to the Armistice, Julia is a nurse whose job it is to look after women with the flu who are just about to give birth In case you don t know, the Spanish Flu was most lethal for pregnant women In her tiny ward with just three beds, Julia tries valiantly to save her patients a

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    Emma Donoghue s The Pull of the Stars is one of those books that snuck up on me Until about 20% of the way in I was thinking, This is good Not great, but good enough Then, just a few pages beyond that point the book grabbed me and didn t let go I read And read and read and read I read much later into the night than I should have, but I finally started to drop off so I got up early the next morning to finish the book bef

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    It s 1918, and Julia is a nurse in Dublin She lives with her brother Tim, a war veteran who has returned a very different man The Great War is raging, and the flu pandemic is overloading the medical staff Her ward is maternity patients who also have flu symptoms, and they are so short staffed that she finds herself the only one on duty When she asks for help, Bridie appears, a volunteer who by all appearances is poor and uneducat

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    That s what influenza means influenza delle stelle the influence of the stars Medieval Italians thought the illness proved the sky must be governing their fates, that they were quite literally star crossed I pictured that the heavenly bodies trying to fly us like upsidedown kites Or perhaps just yanking on us for their obscure amusement.I ve read a few books lately that feature characters based on real people and that always adds to my en

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