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A Christmas Story A Beloved, Bestselling Classic Of Humorous And Nostalgic Americana The Book That Inspired The Equally Classic Yuletide FilmThe Holiday Film A Christmas Story, First Released In , Has Become A Bona Fide Christmas Perennial, Gaining In Stature And Fame With Each Succeeding Year Its Affectionate, Wacky, And Wryly Realistic Portrayal Of An American Family S Typical Christmas Joys And Travails In Small Town Depression Era Indiana Has Entered Our Imagination And Our Hearts With A Force Equal To It S A Wonderful Life And Miracle On Th StreetThis Edition Of A Christmas Story Gathers Together In One Hilarious Volume The Gems Of Autobiographical Humor That Jean Shepherd Drew Upon To Create This Enduring Film Here Is Young Ralphie Parker S Shocking Discovery That His Decoder Ring Is Really A Device To Promote Ovaltine His Mother And Father S Pitched Battle Over The Fate Of A Lascivious Leg Lamp The Unleashed And Unnerving Savagery Of Ralphie S Duel In The Show With The Odious Bullies Scut Farkas And Grover Dill And, Most Crucially, Ralphie S Unstoppable Campaign To Get Santa Or Anyone Else To Give Him A Red Ryder Carbine Action Shot Range Model Air Rifle Who Cares That The Whole Adult World Is Telling Him, You Ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid The Pieces That Comprise A Christmas Story, Previously Published In The Larger Collections In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash And Wanda Hickey S Night Of Golden Memories, Coalesce In A Magical Fashion To Become An Irresistible Piece Of Americana, Quite The Equal Of The Film In Its Ability To Warm The Heart And Tickle The Funny Bone From The Hardcover Edition

About the Author: Jean Shepherd

Was an American raconteur, radio and TV personality, writer and actor who was often referred to by the nickname Shep With a career that spanned decades, Shepherd is best known to modern audiences for the film A Christmas Story 1983 , which he narrated and co scripted, based on his own semi autobiographical stories.

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    The Christmas Story by Jean Shepard narrated by Dick Cavett is a 2004 RH audio publication Read from the book, published in 1983 I knew the movie, which we have all seen ad nauseum every Christmas, was based on a book, but I d never read it The movie version is adorable, but I ve seen it so many times I can almost quote it verbatim I decided to stop

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    Only within the last year or two did I realize that the 1983 holiday film, A Christmas Story, was based on a series of short stories penned by radio personality Jean Shepherd The short pieces contained here and from which the movie was based were originally published in two other Shepherd collections In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash and Wanda Hickey s

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    When it comes to holiday comedies, for me, it doesn t get much better than A Christmas Story.Now, up to this point I d only ever seen the movie version of Jean Shepherd s book Finally, after all these years, I decided it was time to check out the real thing That movie version doesn t deviate much from A Christmas Story the book The reader gets a pinch of the na

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    The essays used as the basis for A CHRISTMAS STORY, as howlingly funny as anything in the film A great little Christmas read, for fans of the film or simply for fans of great comic writing.Reread, 2014 6yo daughter has watched the movie every day since Thanksgiving, so I busted out the book in a day Every year I think, I need to get his other books Reread 2016 A quic

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    For many people, Christmas isn t Christmas unless you sit down to watch the A Christmas Story on TBS on Christmas Eve We all know the classic lines You ll shoot your eye out, kid Oh, fuuuddgge He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny I triple DOG dare ya You might be surprised that only one of these phrases actually came from this book.The book, like the movie, is the quintes

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    I really loved the stories, but not so much the narrator because it seemed to fast to me Still 4 stars

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    Please note that I gave this book 3.5 stars and rounded it up to 4 stars on Goodreads.Who hasn t seen A Christmas Story I have been watching this movie since I was 6 years old and it s been a holiday tradition in my family that every year we watch this Heck, I am not going home this year, but my brothers, sister, and I are still going to watch it and group chat My favorite scene hands

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    Ralphie Parker and his family live in Indiana during the Depression Era Their day to day life varies Wether there is a battle between the parents over the placement of a quite peculiar lamp, the neighbours are wrecking havoc again or Ralphie s plot to get the BB gun for Christmas is not going well, there is never a dull moment Through humour and laughter, the Parker family navigate their li

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    Every scene of the 1983 holiday film A Christmas Story is so thoroughly etched in my mind that I thought reading the story would be a bit of a letdown Usually I ll read the book and skip the movie such is not the case here the movie finds its way into everyone s heart You ll shoot your eye out, kid, rings as clear as Ebeneezer Scrooge s Bah, Humbug Or maybe you just need to be a kid from the 50 s

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    This is even better then the movie, even better then listening to Shep tell the story yearly on his radio show If you enjoyed the movie you really owe it to yourself to give this a read The fightI had woven a tapestry of obscenity that as far as I know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan And my mother had heard SantaEvery evening immediately after supper we would pile into the car and drive do

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