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The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror Twas The Night Okay, Like The Week Before Christmas, And All Through The Tiny Community Of Pine Cove, California, People Are Busy Buying, Wrapping, Packing, And Generally Getting Into The Holiday SpiritBut Not Everybody Is Feeling The Joy Little Joshua Barker Is In Desperate Need Of A Holiday Miracle No, He S Not On His Deathbed No, His Dog Hasn T Run Away From Home But Josh Is Sure That He Saw Santa Take A Shovel To The Head, And Now The Seven Year Old Has Only One Prayer Please, Santa, Come Back From The DeadBut Hold On There S An Angel Waiting In The Wings Wings, Get It It S None Other Than The Archangel Raziel Come To Earth Seeking A Small Child With A Wish That Needs Granting Unfortunately, Our Angel S Not Sporting The Brightest Halo In The Bunch, And Before You Can Say Kris Kringle, He S Botched His Sacred Mission And Sent The Residents Of Pine Cove Headlong Into Christmas Chaos, Culminating In The Most Hilarious And Horrifying Holiday Party The Town Has Ever SeenMove Over, Charles Dickens It S Christopher Moore Time

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    What is not to love about a book that has a pot smoking law official married to a crazy woman who runs around naked with a broad sword, brain sucking zombies lead by Santa who want to go shopping at IKEA, incompetent arc angel who likes snickers, and a talking fruit bat I found the story to be very entertaining with several laugh out loud points I listened to it on tape I d recommend this book to anyone who can just let go of rea

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    Kitchen sink wackiness and a troop of tropes parade through a book not half as hilarious as I had hoped it would be In a barely fictional California coastal town that s about two hours from where I live and, to the writer s credit, I feel pretty sure I ve been there the locals of a sleepy tourist town prepare for Christmas A handful of middle aged divorcees, lonesome loners, curmudgeons, and crazies bitch and bumble their way through

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    This is another Christopher Moore book I have enjoyed reading, and they have all been hilarious.Very funny and it had that Christopher Moore kookiness, even some returns of fun characters If you like zombies, you may like this.But this is not one that I would recommend to begin reading his works If you have never read any of his books try

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    The Stupidest Angel A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror was my first Christopher Moore novel This novel is not the type of book I normally read The plot was quite thin but there were tons of funny scenes that made me giggle and snicker it wasn t funny enough to make me laugh out loud However I got bored with this book pretty quickly The humour in this book is very in your face type humour The humour was just so repetitive that it started t

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    Its utterly rediculous, but its also laugh out loud FUNNY Im listening on audio book and I ve never enjoyed doing laundryIts totally odd ball, irreverent, immature, deviously clever and just plain silly, as are most of Moore s books It doesn t matter if you find the story believeable its TOO FUNNY for me to care C mon, washed up female battle warrior cult movie star whos totally nuts in a friendly crazy neighbor sort of way married to pot smoking sh

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    I just picked this book for our book club s December read but couldn t wait until December to read it I guess you can say that a little Christmas mayhem is good for any time of the year And if you think Christmas tales are rather lame, peruse this single paragraph at the beginning of the novel.In another Christmas story, Dale Pearson, evil developer, self absorbed woman hater, and seemingly unredeemable curmudgeon, might be visited in the night by a seri

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    There s nothingto say here really I m throwing in the towel I am on disc 3 and have been so completely zoned out I feel like I may have to go all the way back to the beginning I don t know if I m just distracted, completely humorless or falling into another slump but this book could not entertain me and I have far too many others sitting here to force it upon myself The angel is indeed stupid as promised but so are most of the other characters and there are M

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    3.5 stars.This really had some potential, and some of the stuff was downright hilarious But it did seem to run a bit long at times Still, Christopher Moore is a funny dude and I ll readof his stuff.Plus, the audio was dead on The narrator, Tony Roberts, had a great voice for narration and nailed the characters His delivery of Moore s punchlines was spot on too.

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    My favorite Christmas read Just so off, it s funny My third year to love this odd story Fun as a buddy read with my fun pal Mary Beth.

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    Santa Murdered WTF This book had me rooting for the poor dippy angel trying to help the poor boy.I almost dropped this book into the bathtub from laughing so hard.IT s that cute.

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