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Scent Marketing: Make It Smell Good to Increase Business

Smell is one of the most powerful senses, but it’s still one that often gets overlooked. Subconsciously, certain scents remind people of past experiences. The power of scent can be used in marketing to improve customers’ experiences. When business owners make it smell good, consumers respond in a positive manner.

The Basics of Scent Marketing

Both hearing and sight have been used for generations in marketing. The sense of smell is slowly becoming more important in business settings. Scent marketing works by filling a business with a signature aroma. Every time a person is exposed to this scent, they are reminded of the business.

Scent marketing has been successfully used even before business owners knew what it was. For example, coffee shops naturally smell like coffee beans. Whenever coffee consumers get a whiff of this aroma, they are more inclined to purchase coffee.

In today’s market, scent is used deliberately instead of just organically. Retailers, for example, may use a mix of both energizing and relaxing scents to encourage spending. Employers can fill the office with aromas that promote productivity. The various applications of scent marketing are endless.

How to Utilize Scent Marketing

The devices used for scent marketing are similar to home air diffusers except on a much larger scale. Aroma companies sell commercial-grade essential oil diffusers that can fill very large spaces. They are perfect for office buildings and stores of all sizes.

Once a device has been purchased, it’s time to choose the scent. An understanding of aromatherapy is a must. Certain scents trigger specific reactions in the brain. For example, lavender is known to relax, while citrus helps to boost energy.

The essential oils must be properly maintained. Be sure to refill the diffuser as soon as the oils get low. It’s easy to forget to do this because those who are around the scents for long periods of time may become accustomed to them.

The use of various aromas is a very subliminal form of marketing. Consumers will most likely be unaware that scent is being used to promote a service or product. When used correctly, scent is very effective at creating lasting memories of a specific company.